Wednesday, October 15, 2008

NEW but very OLD

My mom had this swing set when she was a little girl. I'm not sure of the story but someone made it for my moms family. I used to play on it when I was little and now my kids get to play on it. It has brought back some memories of when we were little and the funny, crazy, stupid games we played on it. I was a lot braver as a child.
I love looking out my window and seeing it in my back yard.

This is me when I was a LOT younger!!

This is my younger sister Tami. Isn't she cute. Of course she is a LOT older now too!!

We all know who these adorable kids are!


Jensen Family said...

I love our old swing set! It brings back a lot of memories for me too! I'm so glad it was able to stay in the family! Too bad we couldn't find pictures of mom playing on it when she was little!

aprilhoyt said...

oh, how fun! I love things from my childhood! And it's great that your kids get to enjoy it too!

Rachel and kids said...

miss you girl! I love the sentimentality (is that a word?) of your new swing set and those pictures of Brian wrestling the kids looks like so much fun!!! Hope you are enjoying the weather up there cause I'm missing it!

pullinforfun said...

Your family is so cute! I think that is so fun that you can have that in your backyard now. Wow, I don't think anything that we purchase now would last more than five years, craftsmanship sure has gone out the window over the past ten/fifteen years. Well I hope you kids love it and if they ever need any help playing feel free to call me and I can bring mine right over....LOL!

Hudson Clan said...

So sad wish my backyard was bigger!