Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cousin fight!!!

I have been trying to act like my sister Tami is never going to move. If I don't think about it it wont happen right.? One of the reasons we moved back here was so that my kids could grow up with cousins. I know that she is only moving to Mesa but I feel like my kids are loosing there friends. They have been hanging out more than ever lately. Its like they know there time together is comming to an end. I'm not happy to have Tami go either. It is just a matter of time before her house sells and we will all be saying good bye.

This is Jordan (Tami's son) and Kimmi having a cousin fight. It was so funny funny to watch. I hope they will keep in touch with each other.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I got this new swimming pool for the kids at a yard sale. They have been having so much fun in it. It has a cover to keep the bugs out but my kids are so spoiled I have to put NEW warm water in it every day. Sometimes I feel like putting bubble bath in and calling it a bath!!! If only they wouldn't get in and out 100 times each, it might stay clean enough to do that. And yes Kadee poses for every picture I take of her. She is the little princess! I know my sister Kim knows what I mean!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

What a Dad!

What would I do without my dad? My dad has always been there for me when I needed him. I remember when I was young and struggling with "Stuff" My dad came to my work and picked me up to take me to get an ice cream and just to let me know that he was there for me. He didn't judge me or lecture he just gave me a hug and told me he loved me. That made a huge difference in my choices from then on. He still gives me those hugs and tells me how proud of me he is. I hope my dad knows how much I love and appreciate him!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

House Pictures

Here are the updated house pictures that I have been promising my sister Kim I would post. It will look a lot better when we get the dry wall up! I'm not sure when that will happen but It will be exciting when it does!! These are pictures of the windows and siding going up.

I'm telling Brian that this is the family room. I'm sure he already new that but I couldn't help but make sure he knew that!

GiRlS tRiP

Me and Wendy went to Flagstaff for a few days and got to be pampered! We got a full body massages, facials, and pedicures. It was all Wendy's husband Dave's idea to send us and I have to say it was a great idea that I got to benefit from! What a guy!!!
Wendy was so much fun. She had me laughing the whole time!

We went to Buffalo park to get our exercise so we had to take pictures with the Buffalo.

Did I happen to tell you how good we ate? Oh my gosh, I think I gained about 20lbs!!! It was so worth it. I just have to buckle down now and loss it. Yuuummmmyy! It was almost the best part! I didn't get a picture of the omelets that the resort served us every morning but I can assure you they were great.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Oh my gosh! Who is this kid?

I know, Chris doesn't know how to smile. I think he is afraid to show them pearly whites. I had to pay him to let me finally cut his hair! I was so afraid that I gave myself a stomach ache. I didn't think that I would like it, but I love it. His eyes are gorgeous!!! He has had his hair long now for 5 years so every time I look at him I have to do a double take. Tami, Kristi and Kimberly - don't you think he looks like Jay!?

Look at all that hair. I wish I had that much!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

FuN iN tHe SuN!

My kids had so much fun playing in the swimming pool today. They helped fill it up with warm water. It was such a hot day, in the sun, that I seriously thought about getting in myself.
That's a bug in Braden's hand. He is a real bug finder and brings them inside to show me. I'm so thrilled about that one!!!

This is for Kim who couldn't view the other!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Rafting trip

Yes I was a little jealous that I didn't get to go! I'm glad that they had fun. They left the day after Chris' Birthday on the 23rd.

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