Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cousin fight!!!

I have been trying to act like my sister Tami is never going to move. If I don't think about it it wont happen right.? One of the reasons we moved back here was so that my kids could grow up with cousins. I know that she is only moving to Mesa but I feel like my kids are loosing there friends. They have been hanging out more than ever lately. Its like they know there time together is comming to an end. I'm not happy to have Tami go either. It is just a matter of time before her house sells and we will all be saying good bye.

This is Jordan (Tami's son) and Kimmi having a cousin fight. It was so funny funny to watch. I hope they will keep in touch with each other.


Jensen Family said...

Very Fun pictures! Your guys kids do always hang out and are all good ages together! It will be sad when they go. I would be so sad it any of Daniel's sisters or brothers moved and my kids didn't have their cousins close by. You guys will just have to get them together a lot in the summers so they can still see eachother!

AuBreY LyNn said...

Oh cousin fights...haha fun stuff. i love SOME of my cousins! luckily I got to grow up with the ones I cared about the most!

Gallegos Family said...

I have a question...I saw your link on Dani's page (she is a dear childhood friend of mine.) I served with a Yvonne Brimhall in the Canary Islands. Are you related?