Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Soar like an Eagle!

Chris finally got his Eagle! I say finally because he has had it for months now, but just wouldn't finish up his paper work. Then when the Eagle came in, he wouldn't go get it! I guess he figured he earned it, and he was done!!
He has been doing scout stuff since he was 5 years old because Brian was made scout master at the time. Brian gave a great talk about how much Chris has done because of the many opportunities to go on scout camp outs, and other fun stuff scouts get to do, before Chris was old enough to be a scout. It probably wasn't quite fair to the other kids in scouts but Brian got the opportunity to spend lots of time with his sons!

This is Kieth Horne, he was Chris' leader for about three years. He has been a great example to us all! We couldn't have asked for a better leader for our son!

Me and Chris! I got the great honor of putting the Eagle on him!

Brian and Chris! Boy I sure do love these boys! Look how good they look in their scout uniforms!

Chris gave the mentor pin to the best people I know to deserve it, Kieth and Leslie Horne! I think Leslie "almost" deserved the mothers pin because she has done so much to help Chris get his stuff together!!!!
I hope they both know how much we all appreciate them!

Grandparents and Chris!

Can I just say how proud I am of my son!