Monday, October 27, 2008

My Nephew Kyle

This is my nephew Kyle whom I'm very proud of. He is such a good kid with such a big heart. He sends me some updates from Iraq by E-mail. I love to hear from him. I use to help his mom take care of him when he was just a little baby. So I feel like he turned out so well because of me. Just kidding he has a great mom. Hopefully she will forgive me when she reads this.


aprilhoyt said...

Yay! good for him, I wouldn't want to be in the army (or any armed services) but I am glad that some people choose to serve and protect all of us, so...thanks!!!

Jensen Family said...

Hey that's what I always say that I watched him all the time too! What a great person he turned out to be, huh!

scarter said...

He turned out great with the help of everyone in the Family!! A little bit of everyone has touched his life. Thank you!!!