Thursday, October 23, 2008

FuN iN tHe SuN aT AuNt TaMi's HoUsE!

We went to visit my SISTER Tami and her family in there NEW house. They LEFT us and moved to MESA. Me and my KIDS were so SAD to see THEM go! The WEATHER was NOT perfect but very NICE. If it had been JUST a little bit WARMER it would have been PERFECT. My KIDS seemed to THINK that it was perfect SWIMMING weather though. AS for ME I was NOT brave enough to FIND out for myself.

CHRIS and JEFF catching SOME air!! What a BUNCH of stud MUFFINS!!!

They played and PLAYED and played, then DROPPED where they FELL!


Jensen Family said...

Dang that looks so fun! Hopefully we will be able to come for Thanksgiving!

aprilhoyt said...

that does look like a lot of fun! cousins are the best!!

Hudson Clan said...

I'm so glad you guys came!!! The pictures make me so sad for me and the kids.