Monday, July 28, 2008

Island Park Idaho

We went on a family vacation to Island Park Idaho (Which is absolutely beautiful) this last week with my sister Kim. It was her husband Daniel’s family reunion and they let us tag along. They all were so great and treated us like we were part of the family. My mom and dad went to the reunion as well. All of the activities were so much fun. Daniel has a boat which we pulled a tube behind and we rented jet skis on one of the days. I personally loved the jet skis and so did my kids.
I know that this is a lot of new posts so I hope you don't get to bored!

This is Chris jumping off of a rock. It looks like his foot is on the rock but he is really in mid air. It also was a lot scarier than it looked.

Yellow Stone National Park

Yellow Stone was totally cool. The color and the deepness of some of the pools were so amazing. We also went to the Playmill and watched a play. I wish I could have taken pictures but it wasn't allowed but the play was so cool! The actors did a really good job with the performance. My kids really enjoyed it.

Rafting and Kayaking

One of the days we went rafting and kayaking on a river. It was so pretty and I would love to have one of the houses on the river they were so big and beautiful. I should have taken a picture but didn't.

Salt Lake Utah

On the way home we decided to stop in Salt Lake and have some more fun. Just before we got to Salt Lake we a tire blow out, which made us kind of mad because we had are tires checked and changed before we left!

Salt Lake was great we saw the temple and took a tour of the new conference center. We went to the Lagoon and had a blast. We did however see some real interesting people.

You can't see Brian and Chris but they are on the big roller coaster.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

ThE 4tH Of JuLy

On the 4th we had so much fun. We went to two barbeque's and I ate so much good food and I gained... I don't know how much weight???
This first picture is the Jones' barbecue. I couldn't get my little guys to quite eating. What can I say they take after there mom - they love to eat!

This is at my aunt and uncle Rick and Rometta's home. See what I mean about good food!!! No dieting at these parties!

Every time they get together they have to wrestle. What a bunch of goobers! Boys!

This is at my aunt and uncles beautiful home!

James my nephew, my mom and my uncle Jim, my dad and uncle Jim, and my sister Tami

You can see how pretty the yard is in these pictures.

This is my uncle Rick and his son David who just got back from his mission to Italy!
Rick is standing in front of his new pizza oven which he built himself! It's so cool the picture doesn't do it justice!
You can't see David to well! Sorry1

I know I haven't updated for a while! I'm sorry Kristi and Kim (my sisters) they think they need to know what is going on in my life. Go figure!!!
This is my son Chris and one of his smart ideas. What a sense of humer this kid has! He did this down the street from my house. He had his cousin Jeff help him. Jeff laid down and Chris drew a line of chalk around him then they tape and out line!