Monday, July 28, 2008

Yellow Stone National Park

Yellow Stone was totally cool. The color and the deepness of some of the pools were so amazing. We also went to the Playmill and watched a play. I wish I could have taken pictures but it wasn't allowed but the play was so cool! The actors did a really good job with the performance. My kids really enjoyed it.


Jensen Family said...

Your buffalo picture turned out way better than ours did!

The Nasty Naughty Nelsons said...

These pics look very familiar! We had a blast going to Yellowstone the summer before last. It's fun to see your family. It's weird to me that you have kids so old,too! Jarrett's wife, Lisa helped me officially add you onto my friends list this morning and she taught me how to put music on. Now I just need to learn to create a cuter layout like yours! Do you visit Lakeside often? We're going for Thanksgiving this year. You'll have to stop by Jona's if you happen to be there. I'd love to see you!