Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My sister Kim came to visit!

I’m so glad that my sister Kim came to visit! We had so much fun until she got sick with a horrible tooth ach! I hope she makes it home ok! She was in so much pain. I feel so bad for her. My kids had lots of fun with her kids. They are already bugging me about when we are going to see them again.

This is Kimberly and her husband Daniel

My daughter Kimmi and her name sake!

Do we look like sisters?

Some of the kids! (Hailee, Kadee, Braden and Ashley)


Skousen Seven said...

You two couldn't be more alike!! I'm sorry I missed Kim, I would have loved to have seen her. Hope the toothache is better.

Jensen Family said...

Geez think you posted enough pics with me in them? Gross, but at least you cut out my fat arm in the one with me and you! I had a lot of fun, too! I just got back from the dentist and they gave me strong antibiotics and pain killers so hopefully that holds me over until I can get into the specialist. Thanks again for the pain med you gave me it helped for the trip home! My kids were asking me when they would see you guys again! They all get along pretty good don't they?


You need to post more pictures of Kim:), I love watching you two together. You couldn't be more alike!