Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tagged again! Thanks Wendy

1. Well first I think that it’s pathetic that I can’t even think of anything exciting about me that everyone doesn’t all ready know. OK, does this count as my number one?

2. Those who are close to me know that I’m the biggest fattest worrier. I worry about everything!! Most of it is not worth worring about though. So I waste a lot of my time on nothing important.

3. When I was a little girl I knew that someday I would adopt. I don’t know why I knew that at such a young age but I did. I use to dream about the kids I would get. I had some dreams about the kids that we adopted where I saw them and knew about there needs before I got them.

4. I have six kids but never thought that I would. I complain a lot but everyone knows that I love it! What would I do without them?

5. When I was little my mom said that I had big feet. So everyone called me big foot and Sasquatch. My feet are not big anymore!!!

6. One of my dreams is that someday I will be able to create beautiful music.

7. My biggest pet peeve at this time is…… People that take it upon there selves to tell me that I’m over populating the earth. They think it is there business to ask if I am pregnant again or if I’m having anymore kids and to say “boy you have your hand full don’t you?” Ya think?
I tag Jessica and Francie


Jensen Family said...

Hey I never new about the big foot thing! I guess I was to little to remember! I also hate when people tell me that, "boy you got your hands full! Some lady said to me the other day "are they all yours, you've sure got your hands full" and I said " no actually its not bad, I love it"! The lady just turned and walked away, hahaha!

Skousen Seven said...

I got called Big Foot all the time when I was growing up! Truth be told, I did have and still do have big feet. Dave calls me a worrier all the time. We had to be sisters in the pre-mortal!!!


"Man, looks like you have your hands full"....oh ooops, you don't like that right?:) Totally kidding Sandie, I loved reading yours. I love that you had dreams about your little ones before you got them! I have always felt like I was going to adopt too, who knows what the future will hold for me though? I am planning on having six and OVER POPULATING TOO, actually I had someone at my old work tell me their is no way I could ever give them all enough love??? I guess since I am number six that would mean I never was loved....people!?!?!


oh, and why isn't my name on your list??? (whipe tear) Your name is on mine:):):)! I guess I just need to keep leaving comments:)!


Thanks Sandi(sorry about the e on the last one), I even got the whole name! Now I feel real special:)!

Adam and Dani said...

I have wanted to adopt my whole life too. Ever since I was little it was something I felt really strongly about and I still do. It's something Adam and I hope to do in the near future. Maybe we'll see you guys on Easter. We are coming to play at mom's!

Jones Family said...

do i HAVE toooooooooooooooo? i cant even think of ONE thing people dont know about me!!

Jensen Family said...

Are you ever going to post something new? Just kidding! Did you finally get a new camera, and which one did you buy?