Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My crazy weekend consisted of a funeral and a wedding. Thursday morning I left to Phoenix to go to my Uncle Eugene’s funeral. It was really kind of neat because my uncle served in Vietnam. So we got to see and hear the guns. The best part was getting to see my cousins Shad and Jessica. We haven’t seen each other for years. I felt bad that it wasn’t under better circumstances though. I can’t imagine loosing my dad. After the funeral I had to get home to pack my kids for the wedding and drive back to Phoenix.
We left Friday morning to go to Sherry my sister in law and Ross’ wedding. It was fun and great food. She looked beautiful. We didn’t get a good picture. I hope someone did. The best part was getting to see friends and family.
By the time I got home I felt like all I had been driving for days. Now I need to catch up on sleep!!

This first picture is Shad me and Jessica.

This is my sister in law Sherry and her son Kyle. He gave her away. I thought that was so sweet.

We all went to Olive Garden for lunch Braden my Three year old (he is in the left hand corner of the picture and yes that is a breadstick in his pocket) asked the waitress if she was a girl or a boy. I almost died. The waitress kept flirting with my Brother in law Dave so we go a picture. What a good sport he was!! So can you tell is she a girl or a boy?

These are the dresses my sister Kimberly got the girls. She is there favorite aunt now!!! This is Kimmi, Kaylee, and Kadee.


Jensen Family said...

What do you mean now I am their favorite aunt, haven't I always been?! They looked very pretty in their new dresses! To bad my girls weren't there to be in the picture with their new dresses, too! I had so much fun with you guys though!

Skousen Seven said...

Looks like the wedding was beautiful! The girls look so cute. Now go to my blog, I tagged you.

S. Carter said...

I'm sorry about the funeral. Thank you for making time to come to the wedding. We really enjoyed having your company there. The kids are getting so big. The girls were beautiful too. Good Job with the dresses Kim!!