Friday, December 11, 2009

Kimmi's 13th

Yes! You heard it! I have another teenager! How lucky am I?
Another one of my baby's all growded up!!

Happy Birthday my Kimmi!

My adorable baby!

Kimmi and AJ her best friend for like... forever!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Brian's Big 40 and a baptism!

Brian is such a great guy he shared his birthday with my cousin Shad's baptism day and Didn't even Complain! Yes, he is a OLD man now!LOL! Brian said it was a great birthday present to have Shad baptized.
After the baptism we went over to my uncle Ricks house and Brian and Shad shared a cake!

Brian and cousin Shad! Brian does not have flowers in his hair! It's the picture behind him!

Kimmi and Brian

We had a great big huge dinner as well! My aunt Rometta is a GREAT cook! We had the best food and I think I gained like 10 pounds!:)

My uncle Rick, Shad, and my Aunt Rometta.

Uncle Rick, Shad, and my uncle Jim

Cousin Shad and Me. I'm two months older than him, so that makes me way more mature than him!!! This picture makes me look really fat! I'm not though!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgivings and a birthday!

What an awesome Thanksgiving we had!

The week before Thanksgiving my sister Kim and family came to visit us! Soo we had a little Thanksgiving dinner with them!

I'm kind of a bad aunt! I took lots of pictures of he baby! Can you blame me though? Look how dang cute he is!!!

This is Kadee, Ashlee, and Hailey!


After Kim and Daniel left we went to my sister Tami's home for Thanksgiving day Which just so happened to be Logan's birthday!

Me and Tami

The kids were brave enough to try the swimming pool! Which was freezing cold!


Yep! Thanksgiving day was Logan's birthday!
He turned a big 4 years!

Later in the day we went to a close by park! It was so pretty that day with the perfect weather!

Wind Cave

The next day we all went for a fun hike to Wind Cave! The kids did great even though it was a little hard! They did have lots of help from Dad as well...