Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Babes!


The first part of Braden's biRthDay got kind of BorInG for him. We went to Andrew's award assembly which kind of dragged on... and on! Soooo We had to take a bunch of pictures to entertain the little bugGers.

Later we FinAlly got to the presEnt opening StuFf!
A toTalLy AwesOmE Sleeping baG! He wanted it bAd!!! Because his daD told hIm he waS takinG hIm on a CoOl faTheR and SoNs caMpoUt! ItS AlL hE could talK abOut foR weEks!!!! When are we going? Tomarrow? When? When?!!!

A nerF gUn because tHe biG bOys weRe taking theIr paIntBalL guNs!

Getting reAdy For tHe FuN!

goT hIm paCk Pack On! That's whaT he sTilL caLls IT!!!!

FiNalLy!!! They almost couldn't waIt to gO!


Hudson Clan said...

He's soooo adorable!

Jensen Family said...

He is such a cutie! Sounds like his birthday ended great! Hope he had fun on the Campout!