Monday, February 25, 2008

Yuma trip for Grandmas 90th Birthday

Brian's Grandma turned 90 so we went to Yuma for a big family birthday party. We had a lot of fun getting to know cousins and family again. She actually lives in Wellton which is about a hour from Yuma. I recommend never staying in the Wellton motel! We got there late at night and I almost died when I saw the room. There were bugs in the bed and about an inch thick of animal hair and the smell could have killed a person. It looked like a room from a horror movie! I tuned around and told Brian NO WAY are we staying here!!! I didn't care how late it was, we were finding another motel! I could just imagine my kids with bug bites all over them the next day. We found one close by and it was great and about the same price. I couldn't believe that places like that actually existed! They wanted $70 buck a night. I don't know how any one could justify that. I would rather sleep out side on the ground.

This first picture is of Brian and his grandma.

This is part of the family from Brian's dad side.

Kadee with her cousin

Kimmi and G. Grandma

Chris' aunt Anneka and Chris' friend were playing with his beautiful hair, that is getting a bit long. They were putting beads in his hair and I think he was liking the attention!!!!


Jensen Family said...

How fun! I'm glad you posted those, you never did tell me much about that trip.

Jensen Family said...

They didn't have any more of those cute boy shirts on clearance at Sears, but if you want me to get your girls dresses I will go back and get them. They did have Kimmi's size>